Short Description

RPM is a vehicle simulation that allows you to drive a car with realistic handling around Donington.

It is the result of the continued development of my physics engine and a desire to improve the vehicle simulation from the Racer project.


Source Code Demo

RPM Vehicle Simulation Demo Last Updated - 27/07/2011

RPM is a small vehicle simulation game in which you get to drive around the Donington GP circuit in a Lotus Elise SC, testing your skills in a race against the clock to get the fastest lap time. It was originally developed as a continuation from the simple Racer game and as the test bed for my physics engine, it has grown into a more fully featured project that demonstrates my game engine.

The game runs almost entirely off of the physics, there are no pre-cooked animations for crashes or fiddling with the physics so you can drift around corners everything happens just as it would if you where in control of a real car.

The The rendering is handled through the game engines renderer interface which is currently implemented in DirectX, the interface is more than just a thin wrapper though, it provides functionality for a whole host of features including caching and sorting vertices, resource management, events and mesh animation.

Default Controls

Arrow Keys  - Navigate Menus
Return  - Select Item
Backspace  - Back
Escape  - Pause
D  - Turn Right
A  - Turn Left
Up  - Accelerate
Down  - Brake
Left  - Previous Gear
Right  - Next Gear
V  - Change Camera

System Requirements

  • DirectX 9.0c
  • SSE3 Compatable CPU (See Here)

Update History

  • Sound added
  • Friction curves adjusted
  • Different friction coefs between road and grass
  • Force Feedback added
  • 'Precise' Versions available (Physics uses the double data type internally rather than float)
  • Bug fixes with lap timers
  • Better keyboard input support
    • New car model
    • Higher resolution textures
    • Fixed 'sinking' bug in physics
    • New and improved lighting model with shadows
    • Fully rewritten for cleaner code with better multi-threading support
    • New menus
    • Better controller support
      • Added race track
      • Lap Timer
      • New tyre model
      • More robust suspension
      • Game resources now packed into GameData.skd
        • Multithreading support
        • Smoother suspension
        • Added a few boxes for you to crash into
        • Added a 0-60 timer
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