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RPM Vehicle Simulation Demo Last Updated - 27/07/2011

RPM Vehicle Simulation Demo
RPM is a vehicle simulation that allows you to drive a car with realistic handling around Donington.

It is the result of the continued development of my physics engine and a desire to improve the vehicle simulation from the Racer project.

DataMan - Game Data Tool Last Updated - 13/01/2011

DataMan - Game Data Tool
DataMan allows you to easily manage data in your games and applications through a simple Drag n' Drop interface.

DataMan can store custom data like user preferences as well as files and folders.

Source Indexing Last Updated - 04/10/2010

Source Indexing
Index and back up your debug information files to help debug crashes from out in the wild.

This Visual Studio extension allows you to index the source code that is referenced in your symbol files, and then back up these symbol files to a database to make debugging crashes and minidumps as simple as possible.

AlphaForms Last Updated - 15/09/2010

The AlphaForms library lets you use custom 32-bit alpha blended images as the background of your windows forms.

SKEngine Last Updated - 01/08/2010

The SKEngine is my modular game engine. It currently has modules for Input, Physics, Maths and Rendering.
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